Indigenous Artist-Lloyd Hornsby

Elder and Professional Artist

Key Supporter and Artist for the Indigicap.

At the age of 65 my learning is continuing today through the discovery of Aboriginal culture and life.  Through the passing down of stories and life experiences, all are adding to the richness of my understanding.  Aboriginal culture is focused on recording the origins of life (Dreamtime). My life’s journey has been one of turmoil, anger and emotional highs and lows. Being part of the stolen generation has taken me from the point of anger for being denied the experience of being Aboriginal, to understanding why these choices were made.  This part of my journey left me struggling for some time with my emotions.

We have to know our history; we are people of our generation.   We can look back with admiration, and hope to have some of those qualities that help us to remain true to our time.  We have to acknowledge the complexities of our generation – our status and our connections.  Through the approval of my community and family it has been acknowledged in my art that I have shown the positive of the dreamtime and how it was for the past 60,000years – I have endeavoured to carry on the age old tradition of telling Dreamtime and Historical stories through my art, in a passive mode.

My name is Lloyd Nolan Hornsby (Gawura), I am a proud Koori, and my tribal land is Wallaga Lake located on the far south coast of New South Wales, between Bermagui and Narooma.  My knowledge of my family history is only recent, by recent I mean in the past decade.  I was bought up to believe I was of Maori decent.  The search for my family history started in 1987; it was not until many years later that one of my aunts confided in us that we were looking in the wrong area.  I am in fact Aboriginal, Chinese and French.

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