Who We Are

The Pure Aussie Hat Company was established in 2013 with the aim of bringing together Australia's leading Indigenous artists to tell their stories through their art on a wearable canvas.

Indigenous art has a long and well loved history in Australia. Each piece of art is the artists' interpretation of the world in which we live. Pure Aussie's INDIGICAP™ is genuine, hand-painted Aboriginal artwork on a hat.

Wearable, affordable, one-of-a-kind, durable, lightweight, sun/weather protection, and fashionable "Artwear" is fantastic as a corporate or personal gift.

Pure Aussie's INDIGICAP™ is a high quality cap, hand painted by Indigenous artists, young and not so young, depicting his/her interpretation of a unique Aboriginal story in a fashionable, practical and wearable headpiece.

For the Cap-Lover INDIGICAP™ is a completely unique one-of a-kind wearable statement.

For the Artist INDIGICAP™ is a means of expression, creativity, and another way to create an income.Meet Our Artists

For The Art-Lover INDIGICAP™ is an original piece of art on a wearable canvas. No one piece is 100% identical.

For The Corporate Buyer INDIGICAP™ is a gift for employees, visiting guests, and VIP's which literally screams 100% Australian like nothing else.  Corporate rates available.

We Offer Our Products Online to Personal Buyers, Small Businesses & Corporations,  and Government Depts, Within Australia at Present.