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May 10

The Indigicap Story

Posted on Saturday, May 10, 2014

Twelve months ago

......this journey started, and it was a (almost) chance encounter with Aboriginal artist Lloyd Hornsby that prompted the resurrection of a 15 year old idea.

The notion of producing a hat decorated with genuine hand painted aboriginal art I always thought was a good one, and the prospect of turning this into a business was never far from my mind.  But life gets in the way, and ideas get put on "hold". It's when you meet like-minded people or find yourself in the right circumstance, that an idea has a chance to realise.

You see, Lloyd was a customer of mine. In 2013, he ordered some embroidered hats, through my promotions website - (you really should visit!), to promote his Yuinart Studios in Murrumba Downs, QLD.

After several weeks, and a genuine rapport which developed over a few phone calls, I pitched the idea to Lloyd, and was met with enthusiasm, a deep desire to help his fellow indigenous artists, a multitude of ideas, and a rich source of artistic and business resources nothing short of amazing.

Lloyd assembled several artists, and the first prototypes of the painted hats had an immediate appeal. At first glance, the hats had a definite WOW factor, and that was all that was needed to continue the project. 

The Indigicap team starts with 4 talented and committed indigenous artists, and with their support, the future of the Indigicap is a bright one.

David Curran